About the company

Internet-shop “imag.mobi” published the first version of his website on the Internet 2006 year. This was our first step and, as always, he was the hardest. From the very beginning, the "macuser" team sought to fully instill love and respect for Apple products. Creating the imag.mobi online store, we sought to bring Apple culture to Ukraine.

We are proud of that, that from the very beginning became a team of specialists, that will help our customers make the right Apple purchase: MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPhone, iPad, iMac and others. It should also be noted, that almost all solutions from the leading American manufacturer are in great demand and in a short period of time managed to win their army of fans forever. And that is why our experts constantly improve their knowledge base and study all issues so deeply, as much as possible. We are one of the few, who conducts training on the basics of working with Mac OS and iOS operating systems.

Every employee “imag.mobi” – a professional in his field. Before doing anything, we put ourselves in the customer's place and think, that every little thing in work matters. Thank you letter, branded package, easy-to-use stands with products, a call to a sales consultant - all these are extremely integral and important details of our work, which create the "macuser" corporate style bit by bit. We ask ourselves questions every day: "What exactly does the buyer want??», "How can you make your work even better?” and “How to be and remain number one in your business?».

There are no statisticians in our staff and there never will be. There will be no people who are indifferent to their work. The opinion and innovative ideas of each employee are worth their weight in gold for us. Only a creative approach to work can reveal the potential of a person, and the whole team as a whole. That's why we always follow all innovations and novelties, constantly expanding the range of brands of those products, which we recommend to our clients. And as a result, we never have to blush because of it, what we do. Dynamically developing, we expand the horizons of trademarks, which in one way or another complement Apple's culture and directly constitute its ecosystem. We are constantly moving forward, and as a result, the products in our online store are the best, that is on the market, regardless, in which segment they are. If you want top-notch computing, it's apple. Practically everything is always available - this is one of our advantages over our competitors!

By nature “imag.mobi” – a team of perfectionists, who strive for the highest possible level in everything. Our goal is to build reliable, long-term relationship with each client. Turning to us, you get first class service and save time, transferring their difficulties to specialists.

Every time you contact the specialists of the online store "imag.mobi" - you get 100% quality goods and services exactly on time. And this is an undeniable fact!