Original Apple USB-C to Lightning Cable 1m (MQGJ2 | MX0K2)

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    Charging and syncing is fast and safe

    This cable model is designed for iPhone/iPad/iPod connection, that have a Lightning connector, to a computer/laptop with a USB-C port for data sharing and charging. The connection speed will be as fast as possible, which will greatly simplify your life. The mqgj2 cable can also be connected to Apple USB-C power adapter power 18 W, to quickly charge the 12.9-inch iPad Pro from a wall outlet.

    You can buy an 18W adapter here

    Reverse direction

    Because the USB-C connector is reversible, it can be connected from either side, because each one will be correct.

    Optimal length

    The length of the cable is 1 meter. This length is quite enough for convenient operation.

    Guarantee of long service

    The cable has a strong and reliable design, made of high-quality materials, with protection against kinks and short circuits, which is a guarantee of a long and absolutely safe service life.

    Producer: Apple
    A type: Lightning cable
    Connector 1: USB Type-C
    Connector 2: Apple Lightning
    Connectors: fork-fork
    Length, m: 1
    Additionally: color: white


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