Smart Case for Apple iPad Mini 4



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    The description of Smart Case for Apple iPad Mini 4

    Smart Case is reliable protection.

    This case provides excellent, 360° protection for all cases of your tablet. It is also the most recognizable accessory in the world.. Your device will be protected, but at the same time its appearance will not deteriorate at all.


    Smart Case for Apple iPad Mini 4

    Nice workmanship material.

    Smart Case is made under the skin, and its lining on the inside is made of microfiber. This means, that the screen of the tablet and its body will not be scratched, if there is dust, and will always keep a clean look. Due to the rigid frame, it will not lose its shape even after several years.

    Smart Case for Apple iPad Mini 4


    Open and unlock your device from lock screen.

    The case has a smart screen unlock function when you open the protective display cover. This is a very handy feature., which not every case has. When you need to finish work on the tablet, just close the cover back and the device will automatically lock..

    Smart Case for Apple iPad Mini 4

    Transform the case into a comfortable stand.

    The case has a well thought-out stand design with multiple positions. You can set the tablet to several positions, which will be convenient for you. Print messages, watch movies, chat on skype at your convenience.

    Smart Case for Apple iPad Mini 4


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