Original cable (charger) USB for iPhone and iPad (MD 818)

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    Original cable (charger) USB для iPhone 5S/5C/5/6/6+/7/7+/8/8+/X/XR/11/12/13/14 /SE, iPad 4/5 that iPad mini 1/2/3/4 (MD 818)

    Original lightning in a box, within – cable on a cardboard reel

    You can use this cable as a charger (charger) – by connecting it with a block (adapter). to the socket. You can buy an adapter here. And you can also use a cable to transfer data to a computer (synchronization, data copying).


    Guarantee – 3 month from the date of sale .

    Product description:

    As soon as you connect your iDevice via Lightning-USB cable to your Mac or PC, to reset some data, such as photos or videos, Your gadget will automatically start charging.

    • You can charge the battery and synchronize information
    • USB interface 2.0
    • Practically does not get tangled
    • Length: standard, 1 meter
    • Color: white.

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    How to distinguish an original cable from a non-original one?


    Marking on the cable

    Connectors from Apple are equipped with a serial number and the inscription California, Assembled in China (“Developed by Apple in California, collected in China”). Of course, quality Chinese copies, which are created, perhaps, even from Apple's original drawings and layouts, obtained as a result of leaks and industrial espionage, also have an inscription and a serial number, only they look different.

    External differences of the original cable from a fake


    How to distinguish an original Lightning cable from a fake

    The USB logo is printed on the plastic body of the USB plug. The paint on the original cable is light gray, the applied drawing is very neat. On fakes, the image is dark gray and has fuzzy borders.

    The connector itself is also excellent. In the original connector, its outer part only has two holes on the side with the emblem, while there may be four on a fake. It is also worth paying attention to the metal joints on the opposite side of the connector. They are visible, but in the original cable the parts fit very tightly together. in addition, joints have a trapezoidal shape and are at the same distance from the edges, and the contacts are gold-plated, which no one can afford, not even a cheap fake.

    in addition, the cover of the plug can give out a fake. The metal end of the original cable has a smooth polishing, counterfeit – rough surface. If you look inside the connector, you can see the flat back. The copy may have grooves and holes.

    Additional information

    Weight 0.1 kg
    Dimensions 16 × 11 × 10 cm

    21 reviews for Original cable (charger) USB for iPhone and iPad (MD 818)

    1. Alexei

      thank. The cable is really original. I advise everyone

    2. Yaroslav

      Everything is as it should be. Instruction, box, very happy with the purchase. Delivered on the same day in the evening

    3. Oleg

      thank. All liked it.

    4. Svetlana

      Does this cable fit iPad 3?

    5. Sergey

      Excellent cable! thank.

    6. Iris

      And asus fits to the phone?

    7. Alexandra

      I want to leave a review about the service! I ordered a cable yesterday and paid by card. And in the evening my dad gave me the same, so the order had to be canceled. The money was returned to the card and we had a very nice conversation! thank you! It is valuable!)))

      • admin (verified owner)

        if need be – buy more )

    8. Olya

      Things are good. thank)))))))))))))))))

      • admin (verified owner)

        you are welcome, buy more

    9. Yuri

      Does this cable fit iPhone 6s?

      • admin (verified owner)


    10. Tatyana

      Does this cable fit iPhone 6s?

      • admin (verified owner)


    11. Nastya Kravchenko

      good cable, thank

      • admin (verified owner)

        thanks for the tip

    12. Vitaly

      Thank you for the great original cable.
      Exactly the same I wanted “sniff” for 650 city…

      • admin (verified owner)


    13. Sofia

      Fits iPhone XR ?

      • admin (verified owner)

        Hello, Yes, fits

    14. Anastasia

      thank! Delivered on the day of order 🙂 Original charger, everything works! thank!

      • admin (verified owner)


    15. Kate

      Tell me, is this cable suitable for iPhone 11?

      • admin (verified owner)

        Hello, Yes

    16. Lisa

      Suitable for iPad 9.7 2018 of the year?

      • admin (verified owner)

        Hello, Yes

    17. Alyona

      Hello, Does this cable fit iPhone 12 mini?!

      • admin (verified owner)

        Hello, yes it fits

    18. Vladislav (verified owner)

      Thank you very much for the fast service and delivery.! Original charger, works properly.

      • admin (verified owner)


    19. Alexandra

      good day. Tell me please, is this charger suitable for iPad Air 2013 of the year?

      • admin (verified owner)


    20. Layla

      Thank you for the quality cable and the speed of sending..

      • admin


    21. Sergii

      Sergii, Sergii? Sergii?

      • admin

        Sergii, Sergii – Sergii

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