Replacement and return of goods

При поверненні товару зв яжіться з нашою службою підтримки за телефоном 063-463-33-38, та повідомте про свій намір.

У вас є можливість або обміняти товар або повернути гроші. Запакуйте добре ваш товар та відправте його Новою поштою на вказане оператором відділення та ПІБ. При цьому сплачувати за зворотню відправку не треба. Просто очікуйте новий товар або повернення грошей на картку.

Every purchase in our online store is safe! Because:

All goods are carefully checked before shipment.

You can not worry, that you will receive a defective or broken cover, because we check them before shipping.

Experiencing, that the chosen cover will not fit or will not really look so attractive?

Don't worry about it, you can always get your money back. We provide for it 100% guarantee! 

Terms of exchange or return of goods:

  • If you did not like the purchased product, it can be returned or exchanged for another model during 14 days from the moment of purchase.
  • Be attentive! Goods can be exchanged/returned only if the complete set is preserved, the primary appearance of the product, without scratches (injuries) and packaging integrity (including packaging of additional devices, for example batteries).
  • In case of violation of the terms of exchange/return, the administration of the online store has the right to refuse the return/exchange.
  • Supplies (protective films, vinyl stickers etc) cannot be exchanged/returned.